Oakham Farm

Small family run farm in the heart of Warwickshire


Oakham Farm Coarse Fishing

Oakham Farm Coarse fishing offers anglers four well stocked pools holding a good head of carp, tench, roach and perch, while in Barn Pool there are also koi carp.

The waters fish well in both summer and winter and are open all year round. Anglers can go straight to their pegs and start fishing as fees are collected on the bank. However, anglers fishing Oak Wood Pool are reminded to be careful when casting to avoid the high voltage power lines which run along one edge.

Ground bait is not allowed because of the size of the pools and keepnets are banned unless match fishing. As with most other fisheries these days, only barbless hooks should be used and juniors under 16 years of age should be accompanied by an adult over 18.

Our Pools

Island Pool

Half-an-acre in size, Island Pool is the first water anglers come to when entering the feild. Designed as a carp and tench fishery, the Pool contains mirrors and commons up to 20lbs and tench to just over 2lbs. Whilst there are many smaller tench, the mirrors and commons tend to average between 2lbs and 5lbs. There are also a few roach. Ranging in depth from between two and six feet, the deeper water is to the south of the island and the shallower to the north. Because it is reasonably shallow, the pool lends itself to float fishing either with rod or pole, although as with all the Oakham Farm pools, the pole is very popular. Because of the head of tench and carp, best baits tend to be maggots, pastes, luncheon meat, sausage meats and sweetcorn.

Oakwood Pool

At over half-an-acre in size and holding a good head of mirror and common carp to over 20lbs and roach to over 1lb, Oakwood Pool is the largest and most popular of the Oakham Farm waters. The average size for the carp is in the 4lbs – 5lbs range although specimens to 20lbs have been caught. Much of the pool averages between five and six feet deep, except at the top end where it shallows to between two and three feet. This is a favourite haunt for the carp in summer when floating baits can be effective. As with the other Oakham Farm pools, all general baits are effective particularly the standard luncheon and dog meats, dog biscuits, pastes, sweetcorn and maggots.

Barn Pool

Marked on old maps dating back to 1825 and probably earlier, Barn Pool is thought to be a natural pool which has been enlarged twice in recent years to about four times its original size. Generally, it is between three and four feet deep with steep sides, so fishing in the margins can be as effective as fishing one or two rod lengths out. It is a delightful setting in summer and a popular spot is fishing the shallow water under the willow in about two feet of water and fishing along the bank with your back to the barn. Again, Barn Pool is predominantly a carp and tench water with a good stock of carp between 10lbs and 12lbs and tench to about 2lbs which give anglers plenty of good sport. Like many small carpy waters anglers have plenty of room for experimentation and regulars swearing by everything from prawns and macaroni and even banana as baits.

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